Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just words.

knew i never shoulda done this shit. too many extenuatin' coicumstances as bugs bunny might say.
been a crazy time in my life, these past three months. and i wrote comics all thru' em. big issue being, what happens when i'm actually working for a living? 
do these comics fall by the wayside?
unfortunately. yes.
well shit! you say. shit, owen! why not just, ya know, take an hour out of each day and provide us with the entertainment we so sorely deserve?
sssh, my pets. silence.
how to make love. 
i will teach you, all of you, in time.
for now, owen tired. owen so tired all of the time.
it's this winter BS man. fluctuations in weather don't suit me. i'm fragile. this boy needs a little more climate stability. growl.
soon. more soon. i promise. i always promise.

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